Net Control Schedule

Rockingham County Emergency Service Net Meets 2000 hrs. every Monday night.

Simplex is 146.550 on the first Monday of the month. Other Monday's  use the 145.130 (K4MRA) repeater, PL 131.8 minus offset . The 147.225 K4KLH repeater, PL 131.8  plus offset, will be used on 5th Monday’s and as needed. Also, the 147.225 will be used for traffic if needed.

Net Control Schedule January - June 2020

*1/6     W4BVB       *4/6     K4LXG
 1/13    WF4O         4 /13    W4BVB
 1/20    AA4PF        4/20    KU4XN
 1/27    K4LXG        4/27    WF4O

*2/3     KN4FM       *5/4     KN4FM
 2/10    K4RMY        5/11    AA4PF
 2/17    WF4O         5/18    K4LXG
 2/24    AA4PF        5/25    W4BVB

 *3/2     W4BVB       *6/1     KU4XN
  3/9     K4LXG        6/8     K4RMY
  3/16    KN4FM        6/15    WF4O
  3/23    K4RMY        6/22    AA4PF
 #3/30    K4RBZ       #6/29    K4RBZ 

145.130 MHz REPEATER

If you would like to be added to the Net Control List please contact:

           Gerald KN4FM  kn4fm @ 

Rockingham County ARES Net Script

(revised June, 2017)

Calling all radio amateurs, Calling all radio amateurs.

This is the ROCKINGHAM COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO EMERGENCY SERVICE NET, sponsored by the MASSANUTTEN AMATEUR RADIO ASSOCIATION. This net meets every Monday night at 8:00 pm for the purpose of training radio amateurs to handle emergency communications and to test their equipment.

Net control tonight is _(your call sign)_ , my name is_( your name)_ , my location is _(your location)_.

This is a directed net, so please follow the instructions of Net Control. When checking in please give your call sign using ITU recommended phonetics, your name and location slowly.

At this time is there any EMERGENCY or TIME VALUED TRAFFIC for the net. If so, call now.

(Recognize the stations and handle any traffic immediately).

Do we have stations with ANNOUNCEMENTS for the net, if so your call sign ONLY please.

(Recognize the stations but hold the announcements until after the roll call).

Are there any mobile, portable, short time, or stations operating on emergency power wishing to check in. If so, call now. (Recognize the stations, ask them individually if they can hold traffic and comments until after the roll call and announcements).

At this time we will take check-ins, by call sign suffix. If you have traffic, please state the nature of the traffic at the the time you check in. (Record your check-ins on your ARES Net log sheet).

Stations with suffix ALPHA through GULF, call now.

Stations with suffix HOTEL through NOVEMBER, call now.

Stations with suffix OSCAR through TANGO, call now.

Stations with suffix UNIFORM through ZULU, call now.

Stations regardless of SUFFIX, call now.

At this time we will take stations with announcements or traffic only. (Call the stations with announcements in order. At the end of each ask “Does any station need fills?” Recognize any stations asking for fills and direct them to contact the announcement station directly on the net).

At this time we will secure the formal net and any station needing to leave the net are now released. Lets continue the informal portion of the net with a round of comments. (Ask for comments in random order including any mobile, portable, or short time stations who have not left the net,  Check periodically during the comments for late check-ins).

Is there any other traffic for the net or any other late check ins?

If not, this concludes the Rockingham County ARES NET.  Thanks to everyone for checking in and thanks to the trustee of this repeater for it's use. The ROCKINGHAM COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO EMERGENCY SERVICE NET will close at ________ pm and return the frequency to normal amateur use. This is _______ net control.

General Instructions for Net Control

1)  Items in italics are instructions for Net Control and are not part of the script to be read during the net.

2)  Encourage the use of correct ITU phonetics for call signs during the check-in phase.

3)  Stations checking in as “in and out” cannot stay or don't have a comment so do not ask them for a comments. Thank them for stopping by and continue the net.

4) Note the the line “At this time we will securing the formal net...” allows any station wishing to leave to do so without contacting Net Control.  If a station does not respond when called assume they have left the net and do not attempt a follow-up call.

5)  Ask for comments in random order to keep participants attention to the net.

6)  Contacts between net participants:  Depending on the reason for the contact with another net participant, perhaps they can meet after the net if the reason is not for net business.  Use your judgment, err on the side of allowing them to use net time if the reason appears to involve minimal time.

7)  Do what you can to keep the net moving along in an efficient manner. Some participants may not be able to be present for a prolonged net so there are reasons to keep the net short. 


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