Welcome to Harrisonburg / Rockingham County ARES® 

Rockingham County ARES® uses the 147.225 K4KLH repeater for it's main communications. It has a positive offset and PL of 131.8. Occasionally the 145.130 K4MRA repeater, PL 131.8 with a minus offset, will be used.

Rockingham County ARES® Net meets every Monday evening at 2000 local time. The first Monday of the month is Simplex on 146.550. All other Monday evenings the net meets on the 147.225 repeater. ( On the occational 5th Monday of the month the net will be held on the 145.130  -  131.8 repeater ) The net is a directed net.  Net control is on a volunteer basis. There is a group that have agreed to be assigned to net control duty.

If you are interested in being a net control operator, please contact: k4rmy @ arrl.net or kn4fm @ arrl.net

If you are interested in becoming a member of Rockingham County ARES, please visit this link to the Harrisonburg / Rockingham  ARES Registration Page

Virginia ARES Page


 2m Repeaters in order of precedence are:

147.225  +  131.8 (normal net repeater)

145.130  -  131.8

146.625  -  131.8

2M Simplex frequencies in order of precedence are:

146.55 (normal net simplex)


146.49 (used for some public service events)

146.52 (National Calling Freq.)

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